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FDA-cleared and CE mark, AI-structured reports processed in under 2 minutes, accuracy levels interchangeable with expert human sonographers, editable annotations of Doppler and 2D views from any vendor – it’s all here.

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Automated interpretation of systolic and diastolic function on the echocardiogram: a multicohort study


Validation of a Deep Learning-Based Automated Workflow for Interpretation of an Echocardiogram

The Lancet Women and Cardiovascular Disease Commission

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in women. Reducing the global burden by 2030

Heart disease has no boundaries – nor should you

Image acquisition guidance, auto-labelling of cardiac chambers and a powerful hardware partnership offer a complete mobile solution with AI-automated reporting for 2D, CW, PW and Tissue Doppler.

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Now everyone can ultrasound! Us2 automates the fight against heart disease through AI. Our mission is to create affordable, easy-to-use tools that enable everyone full access to their heart health.

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Better heart, better life is building a future where everyone, from the most advanced tech-driven regions to the most resource-constrained communities, can have equal access to high quality, consistent and inexpensive echo analysis.


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Blackford Announces Partnership with for Advanced Echo Interpretation

Ceeuflag receives CE Mark and patent allowance for clinical workflow

Underuse Of Gdmt For Heart Failure Even Worse In Low Income Countries

Underuse of GDMT for Heart Failure Even Worse in Low-Income Countries