Your complete, FDA cleared, AI decision tool for echocardiography is here!

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Our AI tools work so you don’t have to. Search and go straight to a completed Report. One click automation at your fingertips.


Studies that require a half hour to measure and reach conclusions will soon take seconds.

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Prepare DICOM data for machine learning at scale. Automatically classify and quantify every frame of every video of every study.

Our Mission is automating the fight against heart disease, using AI software to simplify and democratize ultrasound of the heart, the most commonly used tool for the detection of cardiovascular risk.

Nearly one in three people will die from heart disease. The key to this fight is early detection and disease prediction. But sonographer shortages, expensive ultrasound software and hardware, and the difficulty of interpreting echos all limit access to life-saving tools and analysis. is building a future where everyone, from the most advanced tech-driven to the most resource-constrained, can have equal access to high quality, consistent, and inexpensive echo analysis for a better heart and a better life.

About is a global collaboration of clinician scientists, sonographers and deep learning experts with a shared mission to revolutionize ultrasound through machine learning. We’re based in Singapore and the Netherlands, backed by the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), and partnered with top tier echo core labs around the world.