AI Echo Copilot

AI echo copilot – the future of echocardiography

Us2.connect turns any ultrasound device into your AI echo copilot. From CARTs to mobile devices, any echo machine can now have 100% automated reporting with disease detection and editable measurements, all generated in realtime as you scan. See the AI echo copilot video

See Us2.connect – your AI echo copilot for any ultrasound device

There is constant demand for highly trained sonographers and cardiologists to examine patients with heart disease in acute or chronic settings. reports on heart structure and function, with fully automated analyses of ALL heart chambers using both 2D and Doppler views. International reference guidelines are seamlessly integrated into a complete, automatically generated report processed in realtime, with zero clicks and zero variability.

AI Echo Automated Echocardiography
AI Echo Automated Echocardiography

We are building a future where augmented intelligence can help Ultrasound Anyone Anywhere. For more information: