AI Echo For Aortic Stenosis Severity Assessment

Aortic stenosis (AoS) is a common form of valvular heart disease. This is the first study of its kind demonstrating the capacity of AI Echo to accurately quantify AoS severity with zero human input beyond image acquisition. See the results and the video

AI Echo Mortality Prediction

AI echo can facilitate risk stratification, comparable in performance to established risk scores and correlated with patient’s quality of life measures. Read the publication

AI Heart Failure Diagnosis

Artificial intelligence and point-of-care ultrasound can improve access by enabling novice nurses to perform cardiac screening in patients’ homes. We demonstrated the feasibility of nurse-led home-based cardiac screening using AI POCUS. Download the results.

Ai Echo For Mitral Regurgitation

Mitral regurgitation is the most prevalent valvular heart disease in the US. Grading MR severity is essential due to high mortality. Download the presentation on validation of fully automated AI Echo software for MR severity grading.

Ai Amyloid Mortality Prediction

ATTR-CM is an ultimately fatal cause of heart failure. Manual echo analysis is time consuming, relies on trained specialists and is subject to high intra and inter observer variability. We showed that fully automated AI echo is able to identify predictors of mortality. Download the poster

Echo strain AI

Echocardiographic strain imaging is a sensitive measure of cardiac function and wall-motion abnormalities. Clinical application remains limited due to the significant expertise required to perform the measurement and high intra-observer variability. Echo strain AI can automate generation and interpretation of echocardiographic strain. Download the full presentation

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Democratizing Echocardiography with Augmented Intelligence reports on heart structure and function, with fully automated analyses of ALL heart chambers using both 2D and Doppler views. AI Cardiac Ultrasound Reporting Download the AI Echo White Paper

Point Of Care Ai Assisted Novice Echocardiography

AI echo reports with AI Point-of-Care ultrasound enable novices to perform heart failure screening

AI echo - automated echocardiography with AI

AI interpretation of echocardiograms – a formal validation of echo analysis software published in Nature Communications

Fully automated AI based echo strain analysis software

Echo Strain AI – validation of AI auto strain AI-assisted echocardiography presented at the AHA Scientific Sessions

Automated AI echo interpretation of systolic and diastolic function in a multicohort study

AI echo reports – automated echo diagnosis support for interpretation of systolic and diastolic function published in The Lancet Digital Health

AI echo - AI for Echocardiography Diagnosis Support

AI echo disease detection at scale – University of Dundee poster on the detection and diagnosis of patients with heart failure from electronic health records

AI POCUS - AI Point-of-Care Ultrasound for heart failure screening

JASE publication on AI Point-of-care Ultrasound with Continuous-Wave Doppler Capability to evaluate aortic stenosis

AI POCUS - AI Point-of-Care Ultrasound for heart failure screening

Machine learning for diastology and heart failure with preserved ejection fraction – editorial published in JASE

Cardiac imaging with AI - machine learning in echocardiography validation

Deep learning in echocardiography – an automated AI echo workflow validation presented at EuroEcho

The Lancet Women and Cardiovascular Disease Commission

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in women. Reducing the global burden by 2030