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  • Strain imaging – automated GLS quantification e.g. as applied in the detection of heart failure
  • Regional strain – e.g. as applied in the detection of coronary artery disease
  • Aortic stenosis measurements (referencing ASE recommendations)
  • Comprehensive quantitative analysis of cardiac structure and function including left/right atrial and ventricular linear dimensions, volumes, systolic, and diastolic function
  • Essential measurements used in current guidelines for the detection of conditions such as cardiac amyloidosis and heart failure with preserved ejection fraction
  • Real-time, fully automated image processing & analyses, with less variability compared to human measurement

Standardized echo reads for retrospective, prospective and longitudinal surveillance

zero variability
full suite of measurements
at population health level scale

Ultrasound Anyone Anywhere

Fully-automated echo reports can now be paired with the only mobile device with AI guidance plus CW/PW/Tissue Doppler and all 2D views.

Us2ai Health

Key features

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100% automation – for real

No manual frame selection, no clicking on annotations, no choosing views, just real AI automation.

Connect anywhere

Us2.connect brings augmented intelligence and automating reporting to all of your echo devices.

Fully explainable

Move beyond black box AI results to see and edit all annotations directly from the report.

International guidelines

Reference guidelines are seamlessly integrated into the report which includes ALL heart chambers and both 2D and  Doppler views.

Us2ai Scan
AI Ultrasound

Built-in PACS

Analyze studies automatically from your existing PACS solution or use the Us2.connect server to provide enterprise-wide storage.

Regulatory Clearances