AI automation reading any DICOM, anytime, from any device

Meet your new AI decision support tool: FDA-cleared, vendor agnostic, 24/7, delivering results shown under peer review to be interchangeable with expert human sonographers.


Standardized echo reads for retrospective, prospective and longitudinal surveillance

zero variability
1-2 minute report processing
full suite of measurements
at population health level scale

Everyone can ultrasound with powerful, mobile AI guidance

The only solution for fully-automated, complete echo reports is now paired with the only mobile device with AI to guide users and capture CW/PW/Tissue Doppler and all 2D views.

Us2ai Health

Key features

Us2ai 35

100% automation – for real

No manual selection of frames, no clicking key points on the annotation, no choosing views and no need to send reports to the cloud for humans to correct.

Complete echo report

Automated analysis of all heart chambers, using both 2D and Doppler views to create a full echo report, with seamlessly integrated international reference guidelines, generating findings for heart structure and function.

Fully explainable AI (not black box)

All measurements are generated from editable annotations, viewable directly in the report.

Automation with complete oversight

AI tools that fit seamlessly within your current workflow, allowing full overview of all views, as well as manual editing of Doppler and 2D annotations, addition of new parameters, customized protocols, clinical notes and report locking.

Us2ai Scan

AI-customized for your workflow

The app can retrieve DICOMs from your existing PACS solution and return a structured DICOM SR to integrate seamlessly into your reporting workflow.

Optional on-prem servers can also operate as a PACS, connecting both CART-based and mobile POCUS images and reports.

Regulatory Clearance